Ternopil National Economic University

Ternopil National Economic University

Ternopil National Economic University is a leading modern educational institution, where the academic spirit and science, passion and discipline – the corner stones of identity formation – reign.

The university is always developing, as to master the art of living one must look to the future. The competitive spirit that prevails in the university allows the graduates to become leaders and highly skilled proffessionals in their fields.

Ternopil is a student city. It infallibly enchants anyone who sets foot on its ancient lands, with their quiet streets and open-minded people. The old Galician capital is now one of the finest scientific centers of Ukraine. This is where intellectual product is created through a journey from mere concepts to progressive ideas brought to life.


The mission of Ternopil National Economic University is to create an institutional model of education which combines both: business and cultural philosophies, a practical sense to a spiritual sense, and professional culture to common culture.


The vision of Ternopil National Economic University is to exist as an innovative educational centre, which provides professional development for individuals, which fosters conditions necessary for creative self-realization and scientific research.


Success awaits those who think innovatively, those who are ready for change and open to possibility!

Objectives and Priorities

– To ensure harmonious development of personality through a combination of the best national, international and corporate traditions

– To ensure international standards of quality in educational services, and raising the international prestige of the university

– To maintain the potential of personnel within the university and to involve international experts of the highest scientific level in order to gain licensing of new modern training areas and specialties

– To establish cooperation between Ternopil National Economic University to universities abroad, in order to solve fundamental and applied problems to improve the quality of education for students

– To facilitate scientific, business and cultural relations among the student youth of our university to the student youth of the European Union

– To establish compliance of our university’s activities with principles of the Bologna Declaration and the Magna Charta Universitatum.


Combining the best traditions of national education with the international standards of educational services

High quality of education and recognition of university diplomas abroad

Education and scientific careers from Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees through PhD and Doctor of Science degrees

Possibility of obtaining a second degree

International cooperation: education and working experience for undergraduate students, post-graduate, and doctoral students abroad; involvement of foreign lecturers in the educational process; joint research projects

Instruction offered in languages other than Ukrainian

Modern facilities and equipment

Opportunities for employment within Ukraine and abroad, as well as opportunities to gain practical skills as a result of internships

Conducting international conferences, business forums, seminars and workshops within the university

Free access to the Internet and educational web-resources

Developed student self-government, an active student union, student community organizations, and volunteering efforts

Active and interesting student life (art groups, art festivals, student television and radio)

Sports complexes and clubs

Center for training reserve officers

Resources available for socially disadvantaged student populations, along with improvement of the health of the university community (recreational centers, recreational communities, university clinics, sanatoriums)

Developed and comfortable infrastructure


Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Management

Faculty of Banking

Faculty of Economics and Management

Faculty of Computer Information Technologies

Faculty of Accounting and Audit

Faculty of Finance

Faculty of Law

Education and Research Institutes

Vinnytsia Education and Research Institute of Economics

Yerevan Education and Research Institute

Ivano-Frankivsk Education and Research Institute of Management

Education and Research Institute of Innovative Educational Technologies

B. Havrylyshyn Education and Research Institute of International Economic Relations

Novovolynsk Education and Research Institute of Economics and Management

Chortkiv Education and Research Institute of Entrepreneurship and Business

Scientific and Research Institutes

Scientific and Research Institute of Methodology and Educology

Scientific and Research Institute of Development and State Building


Kamianets-Podilskyy Education and Research Centre

Lutsk Branch of TNEU

Sambir Branch of TNEU

Svaliava Branch of TNEU


Vinnytsia College of Economics and Entrepreneurship of TNEU

College of Economics, Law and Information Technologies of TNEU

Chortkiv College of Economics and Entrepreneurship of TNEU

Yerevan College of TNEU

School of Polish and European Law

Ternopil Business School


There are seven scientific schools in areas of research and preparation of scientific and pedagogical staff of the highest qualification within the university, specifically:

  • Finance, Money Circulation and Credit;
  • Accounting, Analysis and Audit;
  • World Economy and International Economic Relations;
  • Management and Regulation of the Economy at the Macro- and Meso-levels;
  • Information and Communication Techniques Based on Artificial Intelligence Technologies, High Performance Calculations and Processors, Theoretic and Numeric Conversions and Ontology;
  • Economics and Enterprise Management;
  • Psychology and Pedagogy.

Ternopil National Economic University currently owns 227 Ukrainian patents for both inventions and utility models.

Ternopil National Economic University currently issues Scientific journals such as: Journal of TNEU, Finance World, Journal of European Economy, Psychology and Society (A scientific and socio-psychological journal issued in partnership with other Ukrainian universities), Computing, Regional Aspects of Development and Placement of Ukrainian Productive Forces, Ukrainian Journal of Applied Economics and scientific collections: Economic Analysis, Young Science, Ukrainian Science: Past, Modern, Future, Management Innovations, and Modern Problems of Jurisprudence, Institute of Accounting, Control and Analysis within Globalization.

Scientists of Ternopil National Economic University are independent experts of a Greek Agency for guaranteeing education and accreditation quality, along with maintaining expertise of the Polish Accreditation Commission of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland.

Current Resources and Services

Ternopil National Economic University currently provides young people with quality educational services, comfortable dormitories, sports facilities, martial arts and boxing gyms, an ”Economist” sports complex and a new library featuring electronic resources for students to realize their full potential. Ternopil National Economic University is a place where young people are taught to think critically, analyze thoroughly, to be responsible and to achieve success.


12 education and laboratory buildings

L. O. Kanishchenko scientific library of Ternopil National Economic University

Interregional training center for athletes (with a hotel and a cafe)

5 university cafes

4 gyms

3 sports fields

8 student dormitories


The library system of Ternopil National Economic University provides users with comfortable accommodations necessary for studying and creative scientific research. In order to maintain these comfortable accommodations, the library constantly develops and diversifies its informational services.  Among these services, free and open access to full-text electronic resources is of top-priority. More specifically, the library within Ternopil National Economic University provides free access to full sets of learning materials 954 subjects featured in the curriculum. Additionally, the library website provides free access via the university network to a full-text database, featuring publishing houses Lira-K, TSUL and Condor. The most systematic electronic resource of academic content is the TNEU institutional repository (eTNEUIR), which contains 37,752 documents as of November 24, 2016 and consists of the following sections: Theses and abstracts, course works and Master’s research papers, monographs, TNEU scientific publications, and materials of scientific of practical conferences.

There are over five-hundred thousand copies stored within the Ternopil National Economic Library, which includes: 240,673 copies of scientific literature, 235,364 copies of educational literature, 7,819 unpublished papers (579 theses and 7240 abstracts), 3678 copies of periodicals and 37,752 copies of electronic media.

On the basis of Ternopil National Economic University, operates the Centre of Reserve Officers Preparation, which carries out military training under the program of the Hetman Petro Sahaidachnyi National Army Academy. Young men achieve the rank of «junior lieutenant» in reserve, while they study at the university.

 International Activity

International Activity Geography

       Ternopil National Economic University estabishes partnerships through bilateral agreements with foreign universities that entail cooperation,  short-term and long-term exchanges programs for teachers and researchers, internships. 

       Ternopil National Economic University has a large number of bilateral agreements on international cooperation with foreign partner universities from more than 30 countries, including 18 institutions from European Union countries, as well as partners from Georgia, Canada, the USA, China, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, and Norway.

       TNEU is an active participant in programmes, events, and actions in collaboration with the EU Delegation in Ukraine, the Office of the Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Cooperation, the United Nations Office in Ukraine, the United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine, and the NATO Delegation to Ukraine.

International Schools and Centres at TNEU

  2. Information Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration
  3. EU Information Centre
  4. International Centre for Culture and Development
  5. Education and Research Centre for the Study of Foreign Languages
  6. Ternopil Business School
  7. Ukrainian-German Centre for Education and Research 
  8. Integration Hub for African and Asian Countries
  9. Centre for International Security and Cooperation
  10. School of Polish and European Law
  11. Ternopil Business School
  12. Centre for Strategic Analysis and International Studies

Joint Education Programs

  • Programs of two diplomas with:

Lublin Catholic University, Lublin, Poland;

Wroclaw Economic University, Wroclaw, Poland;

The Kodolányi János University of Applied Sciences, Hungary;

Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts , Germany;

Higher School of Informatics and Economics of the Knowledge Society, Olsztyn, Poland;

  • PhD Preparation Program together with the Technological and Educational Institution of Western Macedonia (Greece);
  • German-language integrated bachelor and masters training program at the Ukrainian-German Faculty-Program jointly with the Dresden Technical University (Germany) (supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD));
  • Ukrainian-American Computer Science Programme (with the University of Maine (USA);
  • English-language programme of international economics and tourism;
  • Ukrainian-Greek Master’s Program in Business Administration;
  • Ukrainian-Polish programme


Foreign citizens from 23 countries (Azerbaijan, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Georgia, DR Congo, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Comoros, Congo, Liberia, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan) study at TNEU. In particular, there are  foreign students in undergraduate and graduate studies (Bachelor’s, Master’s degree students); also students are enrolled at the Preparatory Department. TNEU actively conducts professional orientation work with the USA and entrants from CIS countries. Since November 2018, citizens from the People’s Republic of China study at TNEU.


  1. Republic of Ghana
  2. The Federal Republic of Nigeria
  3. Democratic Republic of the Congo
  4. Republic of Sierra Leone

International mobility

The internationalization and modernization of higher education in Ukraine is caused by the globalization processes worldwide. Through the development of student mobility, TNEU enhances the process of training skilled professionals, maintains social, economic, cultural, political relations and ties with other countries.

Today, university students have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge, improve their language skills through active participation in international scientific events and foreign internships, through programmes of international academic exchange and foreign language summer schools.

All TNEU students can participate in academic mobility programmes that are implemented in cooperation with universities from Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium, Great Britain, Bulgaria and other countries.

Erasmus+ is the EU educational programme aimed at enhancing international cooperation and mobility among students, lecturers, researchers from European universities and higher education institutions of third countries on all continents. Within its framework, TNEU cooperates with foreign institutions of higher education (partner institutions) under the KA1: Academic mobility and KA2 Erasmus + actions.


Ternopil National Economic University is recognized throughout Ukraine not only for a high educational rating and membership in several international organizations, but it is also renowned for creative musical groups which promote personal development and self-realization among students. Culture is the guardian of historical memory that nourishes and strengthens the nation. Within our university, art acts as an invisible force which informs our civil community, which provides us with a unique sense of identity.

The teaching staff of Ternopil National Economic University strives to instill aspects of personal development within each student. Further, creative musical groups and soloists of Ternopil National Economic University enhance their skills among a variety of genres, to the extent of competing alongside professionals. There are currently eleven art groups within Ternopil National Economic University, which provide students the opportunity to develop their abilities and talents. Two of these art groups have been awarded distinctions of “National Performance Ensemble” and “National Amateur Ensemble”.

Creative potential contributed from art groups of Ternopil National Economic University are essential for further development and artistic achievement.


Within TNEU there are several teams functioning: women’s volleyball team Galichanka, men’s and women’s handball teams, men’s and women’s basketball teams, women’s rugby team Univer-TNEU. University students also show outstanding results in these sports: athletics and weightlifting, cycling, canoeing and kayaking, free and Greco-Roman wrestling, judo, biathlon, snowboarding, and sledding.

Currently, fifty-eight students from Ternopil National Economic University are members of Ukrainian national teams in various sports, including:

  • International Level Master of Sports of Ukraine – 11;
  • Master of Sports of Ukraine – 44.
  • Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine -1.

To be a student is to engage in the process of self-development. Our two foreign students are the players of the FC “Ternopil” (Ukrainian Amateur Football Championship). 

To be a student is to engage in the process of self-development. Students of Ternopil National Economic University are young, energetic and incredibly lucky, as they’ve taken their first steps toward professional, competitive, and successful careers.

Education and science are invaluable assets of the nation’s potential that determine its successes years ahead. The nation’s elite is comprised of educated people. The teaching staff of Ternopil National Economic University works to ensure that our graduates can be confident of their talents and skills, that their critical economic thinking can meet the demands of tomorrow.

Coming to study at Ternopil National Economic University, you increase your intellectual potential and confirm you belong in an elite high educational institution.