Admission Process


The invitation issued by TNEU due to foreigner’s application after providing the following documents:

1) a copy of the international passport document of the foreigner;

2) a copy of the previous education document;

3) a copy of the supplement to the previously education documents with grades (points) or academic record with state number and title of the document (if any);

4) written consent of personal data processing.

Documents must be uploaded during online application.

STEP 2.  ADMISSION DOCUMENTS (after arriving at TNEU)

The student has to personally submit to the Admission Committee the following documents:

1) application;

2) a document (the original and a copy) of the previously education (educational qualification) level;

3) supplement (the original and a copy) to the document of the previously education (educational qualification) level (if any);

4) an academic record issued by a foreign / Ukrainian institution (in case of transfer or renewal for education, starting from the second year);

5) a copy of the passport of a foreigner or a document certifying a stateless person;

6) a health insurance policy, an insurance policy unless otherwise is provided by international treaties of Ukraine;

7) 10 photographs sized 35 x 45 mm;

8) a copy of the certificate of a foreign Ukrainian (if any);

9) research proposal on the chosen scientific specialty or a list of published scientific works and published inventions in the Ukrainian or English languages certified by the established procedure at the place of work / training of the candidate ​​are additionally provided on admission to the postgraduate study.

To be admitted to the doctoral program, you will be additionally required to provide in Ukrainian or in English:

– plan of dissertation work for obtaining a scientific degree of the doctor of sciences;

– a copy of the diploma on the  proper access qualification level.

The documents specified in subparagraphs 2 to 5 of this paragraph must be translated into Ukrainian with the notarization of the translation.

The documents specified in subparagraphs 2 to 4 of this paragraph have to be certified in the country of their issue in the manner that is officially applied in that country for such certification and legalized by the relevant foreign institution of Ukraine, unless otherwise provided by international agreements of Ukraine.


Foreigner can be admitted to University:

1st stage – from 1st May to 30th October. inclusive;

2nd stage – from 1st January to 27th February inclusive;

For Preparatory Department applicants until 1st March