MBA & M degree with three concentrations:


Global Affairs

Economics and Finance

  • MSc in Big Data Analytics
  • MSc in Cyber Security
  • MBA & M degree with three concentrations:
    – Entrepreneurship
    – Global Affairs
    – Economics and Finance

To apply to Bay Atlantic University, the following materials are required:

Completed Online Application

Undergraduate Transcripts (official or officially notarized copy)

Photocopy of Government-Issued ID (international students need a passport, undocumented students need proof of residency)

Letters of Recommendations (2 letters from former teachers, employers, coaches, etc.)

Personal Essay (below)

The Personal Essay is a 1 or 2 page letter of intent covering one of the topics below:

A. Describe, who you are, your purpose and goals, your accomplishments, and why you want to get a higher education degree.

B. What is the most meaningful contribution to others you have made in your life? How do you understand the value of it on others?

C. What is the biggest challenge you have had in your life and how have you dealt with it?

D. What character in history do you associate yourself most with and why?

Bank Statement (to show proof of adequate financial resources)

*if the bank statement is not in applicant’s name a Sponsorship Letter is required
*if the applicant has any dependents Passport Copies & Additional Materials may be required

Official Bachelor Degree Transcript (to show Bachelor’s degree credentials)

Proof of English Language Proficiency (below)

All applicants whose first language is not English must submit proof of English language proficiency to Bay Atlantic University (BAU):

This requirement is waived if the applicant has completed four years of education at an English-language secondary school. Otherwise, English language proficiency can be established by providing an official score report for one of our approved standardized English proficiency tests. The table below shows the tests and minimum scores accepted:


NameMinimum Score
BAU Placement Test75

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