Tuition, Scholarships

These fees include the student levy, capitation fee and development fee.  Partner discounts may apply.
(These fees are correct for the Study Abroad Programme at time of publication.
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Refunds for

Semester Only students
Students will receive an 80% tuition refund if they withdraw / return home within 2 weeks of commencement*.   The fee liability for students who withdraw after two weeks, but within four weeks of programme commencement* is 60% of the Programme Tuition fee.  Students withdrawing after four weeks of commencement* are liable for the Full Programme Tuition fee.*beginning of lectures

Full Year Students
Students who withdraw before 31st January are liable to pay 60% of the academic fee due in the current academic year.   Students who withdraw after 31st January are liable to pay 100% of the fee due in the current academic year.